Sportmadness lands in the Uruguayan capital, Montevideo!

Diego Perrone, entrepreneur and sports professional, will be in charge of leading the first Uruguayan franchise.

Just a couple of weeks ago, we announced the momentous opening of our first North American franchise: Sportmadness Mexico, from the hand of the sports manager Rodrigo de la Fuente. This new franchise, located in León (Guanajuato), was a second step at the international expansion level for the sports management brand , Sportmadness, who already have another delegation in Lima, Peru.

But we couldn't wait any longer to announce the imminent opening of our delegation in the capital of Uruguay, Montevideo . This great news confirms a key fact: more and more people want start their own sports businessall over the world. Diego Perrone is the new delegate of Sportmadness; a born entrepreneur with a very clear passion, sport.

Pero no hemos podido esperar más para anunciar la inminente apertura de nuestra delegación en la capital de Uruguay, Montevideo. Esta gran noticia nos confirma un dato clave: cada vez son más los que quieren emprender su propio negocio deportivo en todo el mundo. Así mismo se auto-denomina Diego Perrone, el nuevo delegado de Sportmadness, un emprendedor nato con una pasión muy clara, el deporte.

Diego Perrone con coordinador

Amateur sport in Uruguay

Without a doubt, Diego has chosen one of the best moments to bet on amateur sports in Uruguay. On one hand, as confirmed by the Uruguayan National Secretary of Sports Fernando Cáceres, increased public investment in sport, in addition to promoting the development of the private sports industry has promoted a professionalised framework for sports. This is achieved thanks to the First National Sports Law (2019), which will encourage a permanent dialogue between the State, sports clubs and federations, allowing strategic decisions to be made to reach the population more easily.

In addition, Uruguay (with a population of 3,5 million people) has more than 3.000 sports clubs and an ambitious public-private project for the implementation of sports facilities. The Uruguayan government itself ensures that the objective of these structural projects is that, in the year 2050, there is an equitable relationship between the sports needs of the population and the facilities. Another very positive aspect of the Uruguayan sports industry is the creation of the Sports Promotion Fund, responsible for facilitating private investment with tax waivers worth $ 65 million per year.

Under these promising conditions for the sector, Diego will work on the professionalization of amateur sports, focusing his delegation on 3 main sports lines:

"Undoubtedly, the Uruguayan sports sector has been a pleasant surprise for us. It is a small market at a population level, but with great plans for the future. If we join this to Diego's promising profile, we are convinced that we will take carried out important projects in Uruguay. "

Alejandro Garcia

Founder and CEO of Sportmadness

Interview with Diego Perrone, Sportmadness delegate in Montevideo.

Diego Perrone Delegado Sportmadness

Diego Perrone began his career in sports management at an early age, founding, with his brother, a college football club, which continues to compete in the University League of Uruguay 9; years later it now has its own headquarters in Montevideo. From that first personal project, Diego was clear that sport was not only his passion on a participation level, but also as a manager.

Diego has complemented this management and coordination of the club with work in sales and marketing In the private sector. This work experience makes Diego and his delegation a very promising project in a market with high expectations.

Diego ha complementado esta gestión y coordinación del club con labores de venta y comercialización en el sector privado. Esta experiencia laboral hace de Diego y su delegación un proyecto muy prometedor en un mercado con grandes expectativas.

How has your career been so far? Any relationship with sport before?

I have received a degree in Management and Administration and my most recent work experience is in Arcos Dorados, a McDonald's franchise for Latin America. I have always had a relationship with sport, both in the practice of it and from a fan's point of view. My greatest connection is mainly with football, the most popular and traditional sport in the country, which I have played since childhood. Regarding management, I founded a football team in the University Sports League, which I have been running for almost 10 years ago. I am very fortunate to be able to experience sports management so closely.

What did not fufil you completely in your daily life that has inspired you to start your own business?

I dedicated a lot of my day-to-day time to the football team that I founded but on many occasions, I did not have the tools necessary to make an economic impact. This can lead to frustration, and is the reason why I decided to take this challenging experience, both personally and professionally. Starting my own business will help me change my life, as well as test myself every day.

Three reasons why you saw Sportmadness as your solution to your need for a change of life.

  • The possibility of doing business and being able to make a profit, carrying out tasks in an area that I am passionate about.
  • The peace of mind of having the necessary advice and support from day one. I have management tools and technology, as well as the constant help provided by the brand to its delegations.
  • The opportunity to develop quality sport. We give the option to people or organizations that do not have access to proper management in relation to amateur sports.

What are the first challenges facing the Sportmadness delegation of Montevideo in its first year of activity?

I believe that the main thing is to make the brand known, position it nationally and make our potential clients know us. It is essential that you see from the beginning the quality of the product and services of Sportmadness. The key is in the dedication and work in each service ... There will be many beautiful challenges.

Why do you think the Sportmadness model can work in a country with sporting progress as big as Uruguay?

Sport is a fundamental part in the life of Uruguayans. While football is a popular culture, other sports and activities are currently taking hold, being increasingly taken into account by Uruguayans both in the role of spectator and practitioner. That said, at the amateur level there is a lack of help at the management and organization level, so I believe that here Sportmadness can play a fundamental role in the market. I see a great opportunity ahead.

Diego Perrone Montevideo