We enter Mexico with the guidance of Rodrigo de la Fuente!

We opened our first North American delegation in León, Guanajuato, from where the expansion in the Aztec market is expected.

We had been searching for some time and finally our expectations have been matched. Sportmadness in Mexico has arrived! Under the leadership of a first level delegate: Rodrigo de la fuente, this delegation, located in León (Guanajuato), will aim to lead the revolution in the amateur sports sector that we propose from Sportmadness. This initiative, which already has more than 30 sports entrepreneurs in Spain and Peru, is inspiring the transformation of standard sport into sports experiences across the world.

After great news about the opening of the delegation Sportmadness in Barcelona Center, this new delegation gives an additional boost to the brand's expansion strategy, which promises a lot in the upcoming months.


Mexico, a constantly moving sports market

In Sportmadness we know that, together with our delegate Rodrigo, we have the challenge of converting conventional sport into sports experiences. It is known that, in the last 6 years, public investment in sport has not been as expected in Mexico. This is the opposite of what happened in the previous period, where investment in public sports reached a new high. Faced with this decline, there is a need to promote the amateur sport from the private sphere, as is the case with Sportmadness.

In this context, Rodrigo will organise in his delegation three complementary business lines, subject to a wide range of sports, mainly of American influence (baseball, wrestling or American football), but also European, such as football or boxing. These three lines of sports experiences are divided into:

  • Sports events and competitions.
  • Sports academies and school sports.
  • Development Camps.

"We have been studying the Mexican market in depth for a long time. We know that it is a key place, with 130 million, where there is much room for improvement in the sports - amateur field. In addition, it is a magnificent gateway to the US market, where we plan to move forward in the near future. "

José Miguel Alarcón

Expansion director at Sportmadness

Interview with Rodrigo de la Fuente, Sportmadness delegate in León.


Rodrigo de la fuente has the ideal qualities in the level of training and professional experience to be the first Sportmadness delegate in Mexico. Rodrigo is linked to sports management from his university experience, having studied sports entity management at the University of Anahuac, complementing this with courses and seminars in Johann Cruyff Institute and University of Madrid.

Meanwhile, Rodrigo has worked in reputable companies in the sector such as Asdeporte, You first and Team Sports . Without a doubt the perfect combination for the Sportmadness delegation in León , Guanajuato, to deliver 100% from the first moment.

Why have you had this link with sport since so early, both at an educational and professional level?

From university I was very clear that I wanted to dedicate myself to the sports industry, so I studied Sports Management and Administration. My professional career has also reflected this; previously I worked in important marketing agencies and sports sponsorships, in which I have specialized during these years, giving myself a differential value when organizing my own sports services.

What did not fufil you completely in your daily life that has inspired you to start your own business?

I think the most important change that your own business gives you is that your work becomes your passion. That motivation gives you a great advantage when facing day to day. This need to feel passion for my work was the determining factor when I decided to contact Sportmadness.

Three reasons why you saw Sportmadness as your solution to your need for a change of life.

The first thing is that it allows me to start my own business in a simple way. Everything comes ready to start from day one. As a second reason, Sportmadness allows me to strengthen amateur sports in Mexico. Finally, the importance that Sportmadness gives to provide a high quality service and added value. For example, the value that technology gives to the experience that the user has is a key factor that convinced me of the projection that the brand has in Mexico.

What are the first challenges facing the Sportmadness de León delegation in its first year of activity?

The first challenges we have in Sportmadness León are to position the brand successfully in the region, and beginning to resonate throughout the country. Subsequently, we must not forget that our goal is to differentiate ourselves by the quality and experience that we want to provide to our clients, which requires great dedication to each sports service we organize. It will be a year of great learning.

Why do you think the Sportmadness model can work in a country with as much sport as Mexico?

I am convinced that it will work. Mexico represents a great opportunity because, although there is a lot of sport already implemented, I believe that the amateur sector needs much more support and Sportmadness León is just what it proposes. There is still a large population that does not have easy access to quality sports experiences, and they are demanding it. I think that by achieving strategic alliances with both the public and private sectors, we will have a success story soon.